Notes wk3 monday - Some info on project schedule for TDD

Sep 15, 2009 at 1:22 AM

Project Schedule

- Game-board class – Group due Thursday [9/17]

- Player class

            - May need dragon horde to hold total gold lost

- Tile List (Deck, Player Hands, Game-board tile-list)

- Player turn (player class update)

            - UI -> user can place tiles where applicable (arrows must not be pointing to each other)

            - Player movement

- First test on limited tile set

- Implementation of full tile-set

Destroy a tile

Magical Shift*1

Floating room*2

Rotate a chamber

Find gold

Steal gold CW*X

Steal gold CCW*X

Lose a gold

Mind control*3*X

Magic Harp*4

Map Chamber*X

Drakon Moves*5

Master Key*6

Strong Wind*7



-       *X) MUST BE IMPLEMENTED AFTER ADDED SUPPORT for multiple users

-       *1) Magical shift

  • Possible escape sequence to reset tile choice
  • While hovering over the tile (in selecting tile to swap) make a check to see whether the cards in hand can a valid move

-       *2) When they land on it, treat as a tile placement

-       *3) Implement after multiple users or Drakon is implemented

-       *4) Each player turn, if player chooses to move, check if there is a magic harp (with a valid move)  next to it, if so, move into it

-       *5) Make sure Drakon player class is implemented

-       6*) During player turn, if player chooses to move (and is on master key), ignore checks for valid moves, and just check if a tile is there

-       7*) similar to a regular move (move update is changed by the list query update)

-       8*) need group meeting on this



- Change-turn splash screen

- *Time limit that each player has per turn*    -

- Multiple user UI

- Player-turn handling class


- Networking

- Game chat

- Animation

- Sound effects

- Game variants

            - Unique token abilities (hero classes) (game balancing: possible issue)

            - Different gold end game

- Game balancing









-       BYTE tileSet

  • Blank = 0x00
  • Destroy = 0x01
  • Mshift = 0x02
  • Float = 0x03



BYTE tileID =


  • Possible ways to move character – LIST QUERY UPDATE
    • During move update, program calculates valid moves possible (if strong wind, list is elongated) into a list
      • If player click on a valid tile spot as indicated by the list then it moves



  • Possible ui implantation during player turn





















<input value="234497" />

1) Game board *
1) Tiles *

2) load a file with tile information into the game(the total set)
3) end game statistics (easy to implement, just extra data in the class)
3) more tiles
4) time limit for player turn
5) Networking for multiple computers
 - game chat feature
 - difficult feature (server syncing)
6) sound effects (click, drakon when moves or tile placed, select/move your player token, game splash screen, game end turn)
7)game variants - can be add ons
- unique token abilities (hero classes) (game balancing : possible issue)
- different gold end game conditions
- goal is to escape or teleport from the dungeon
8) if we change tiles or tile number, figure out good gameplay balance
9) animation (sprites or 3d graphics) on tile play
- destroy tile explosion
- rotate chamber (gears churning), etc
- amouint of players
10) 3d graphics