Feature Priority

Sep 14, 2009 at 10:48 PM

1) Game board *
1) Tiles *

2) load a file with tile information into the game(the total set)
3) end game statistics (easy to implement, just extra data in the class)
3) more tiles
4) time limit for player turn
5) Networking for multiple computers
 - game chat feature
 - difficult feature (server syncing)
6) sound effects (click, drakon when moves or tile placed, select/move your player token, game splash screen, game end turn)
7)game variants - can be add ons
- unique token abilities (hero classes) (game balancing : possible issue)
- different gold end game conditions
- goal is to escape or teleport from the dungeon
8) if we change tiles or tile number, figure out good gameplay balance
9) animation (sprites or 3d graphics) on tile play
- destroy tile explosion
- rotate chamber (gears churning), etc
- amouint of players
10) 3d graphics