First Post - Team Update

Sep 11, 2009 at 12:08 PM

Hi, Team for all of you who are visiting. I made this site just to test around and see how it works. We will most probably use Joe's site but it really does not matter. I will try adding my stuff here.

TDD rough

game loop

data variables

Struct - can put in game data
- resolution
- bpp
- screensize (height width)
- videomode

2 types of variants possible
- 1 gold piece all the tmie
- or have 1-3 pieces of gold

- index (number)
-  gold
- location xy
- possibly hold how many moves it had and how many tiles placed

gameboard class
- 2d array or map
   - Tile array[boardSize]
- gameboard dimensions

- holds player
- holds tile

tile Piece
 - possibly have quadrants or RECTS for placement of the arrows
 - [4] exits (on or off) (possibly make a check to make sure it is less than 4)
    - are made accessible via click (RECT make)
 - Special tile abilities
 - tile piece as a TYPE flag (ie normal, start, destroy, harp, etc)
     - during logic update, tile abilities are processed depending on player action

Tile Set
 - preset tiles(tentative)

- if there is a harp nearby
 - act accordingly (during player move update)

- player pieces location can be static while on the tile

possible modifications
- tile