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Drakon Ultimate
GSP 360 Midterm Project Larijohn Gindi Joe Binh
Computer game based representation of the popular board game Drakon.

Drakon is a board game published by Fantasy Flight Games. We are codifying it into a computer game for our mid term project. It will be in C++ via Visual Studio and using SDL, SDL_ttf, and SDL_image as it's graphics API. Game Description:

In Drakon, up to 6 players race in around an ever-growing dungeon picking up gold coins. The first one to earn points is the winner, Game Rules:
A player is given an action each turn and can do one of the following:

1. Place a tile
2. Move his figure

If he choose option 1:

1. They places a tile on the map adjacent to any tile, making sure the arrows do not touch.
2. They chooses a new tile from the pile (face-down) to replace the tile just placed.
3. play continues with the next player

If he choose option 2:

1. They move there piece one square following the arrows
2. They resolve the tile
3. play continues with the next player
Purpose: Mid-Term Project
Location: DeVry, Fremont Campus

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